Improve your health and wellbeing at our restorative gym for seniors


Finngym at Finncare in the Redlands is a restorative gym that offers a relaxed and friendly environment for seniors. Our gym is the perfect place to improve your health and overall wellbeing in a cosy and stress-free environment. Our approach is informed by a philosophy of restorative care with the ultimate goal of reablement.


We are proud to be equipped with the latest HUR Health and Fitness equipment from Finland as one of the first users in Australia. The leading HUR technology has been specially designed for the mature population to improve their strength, balance, mobility and independence. The equipment is quiet, safe, easy to use and suitable for all people with any level of capabilities.


At Finngym our Exercise Physiologist will assess your fitness level and get you started with a safe, personalised program. Accredited Exercise Physiologists are allied health professionals who are qualified to prescribe exercise for chronic medical conditions, injuries or disabilities.

Frequently asked questions


What are the benefits of joining Finngym?

Exercise at a relaxed and stress-free restorative gym that has been designed specifically for the mature population. Get started with help from our friendly Exercise Physiologist and Enrolled Nurse. Increase your strength and improve your balance, mobility and overall health and wellbeing. See for yourself how vibrant and energetic older people can be.


Who can go to Finngym?

Finngym is currently open to users of our Home Support Services packages, or residents of our aged care facility or retirement village.


What is HUR Technology?

HUR (Helsinki University Research) started through a university research initiative and continues to partner closely with many universities around the world in researching the causes and effects of ageing. HUR Technology has proven results of improved balance, mobility and emotional wellbeing, increased core strength and regained independence.

How does the Smart Card Technology work?

Through HUR’s Smart Card technology, the Accredited Trainer produces a unique plan for you, on your own Smart Card. When inserted into the controls of the equipment, the card automatically sets the resistance, provides video instruction, records the performance and provides feedback. It also assists the Trainer to more efficiently track your progress. New programs and exercise adjustments can be made easily and quickly through the Smart Card.


How much does it cost to join Finngym?

We may be able to assist you with different options for funding depending on your needs. Please call 07 3829 4800 to discuss what funding is available for you to be able to participate in our unique restorative gym.