Vision and Mission of Finncare


Our Vision is of a community where we can celebrate our culture through caregiving to others.


Our Mission is to continue to unite our unique Finnish culture with world leading care solutions for the benefit of all generations in our local and cultural communities.



What are values of Finncare?


Our core values are encapsulated in the acronym “SISU.” Quite serendipitously, sisu is also a quintessentially Finnish cultural concept. There is no exact equivalent or tidy dictionary definition in English for sisu, but it embodies qualities of determination, perseverance, resilience, and indomitable will-power.


SISU Core Values of Finncare



Maintain and enhance a care service that comprehensively meets the changing needs of our communities.



Embrace new ideas in care service to maintain our unique standing within our industry and communities.



Recognise the value of our staff and continue to invest in their development. Recognise our members, their contributions and perseverance while always seeking opportunities to welcome new people into our community.



Create a hub of care and cultural excellence where care and culture are united, and everyone is welcome to enjoy the Australian-Finnish way.

Into the Future


The Future of Finncare 2021 outlines the key strategic directions of the Board to ensure our sustainability as a provider of Aged Care Services, and the strategies, activities and actions that the Management and Staff will undertake to achieve these directions.


Finncare Operational strategies 2020


Aged Care


  1. Remodel the existing Birch Dementia Wing from 15 beds to a 32-bed Memory Support Unit, specialising in dementia care. Create a Donation/Bequest campaign to assist with funding of the upgrade.
  2. Establish Pine Wing as a specific Palliative Care wing.
  3. Establish Spruce Wing as a Short-Term Restorative Care/Respite Wing.
  4. Apply for additional Bed licence to achieve a better financial aged care model of a 60-bed facility.


Home Support Services


  1. Apply for Short Term Restorative Care Funding (initially 2 places, to increase with each funding round). Utilise the aged care room from Spruce or Guest House.
  2. Through restorative care, align our gym program with the new government directive of Wellness and Reablement.
  3. Establish a Private Home Care Service for all clients and residents to meet high demand.
  4. Assist all current Community Home Support Programme (CHSP) clients to transfer their funding to Client Directed Care packages (CDC) – 20 clients by June 2017, 60 by June 2018, 80 by Dec 2018.
  5. Establish a market for respite/short term stay within our residential village, with a focus on social inclusion. This could include a Short-Term Holiday for broader Finnish community who would like to receive a service type apartment style model.



Trading Operations


Establish three events each year to promote Finncare, Finngym and Poro Café, and to raise funds towards our Care Services.


  1. Finnish Cultural Event – showcasing Finnish Music – launching in October 2016
  2. Health Expo – to be launched in early 2017
  3. Arts & Crafts event – to be launched in mid-2017


Each event would utilise the Care and Community Hub with the sales from baked goods and Poro Café products as the focus.


strategic plan

Our Strategic Plan 2021 (PDF)


Download our Strategic Plan 2021 now or see our Annual reports.


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